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Endless Quiz - Solar System

4.8 ( 688 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Обучающие Викторины
Разработчик Stuart Woolley
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>>> Endless Quiz <<<

Endless Quiz Solar System gives you the chance to practice your knowledge about the wonders of the Solar System.


* Discoverers of planets and comets
* Size, orbit, velocity of solar system bodies
* Hard to find facts and trivia

Hundreds of interesting items of facts and trivia are included in the database for you to practice!

Questions are offered in a multiple choice format, where you have to choose which one of the four is the correct answer (based on the clue given). There is no time limit, its not a who can get the most right as fast as possible exercise - the point is to practice your trivia knowledge and have fun doing it. See how many Solar System facts you can pick up!

Your progress is shown as:

* Answers correct out of total
* Percentage correct
* How many youve got right in a row so far

Great for picking up interesting facts and testing your knowledge of your local space neighbourhood!

* Look out for our other Endless Quiz titles
* More questions will be added with further updates